A Contradictory Life

Found a female role model in a book and movie

You might not have had one, Phiona, but thank you for being a female role model to myself and many others. From a reading perspective, I have had the best year. I have devoured book after book and have mostly spent my … Continue reading

Book club: Booze > Books [[Also, first giveaway! ]]

Saturday was our last book club of the year and of course it was Christmas themed which meant it involved the best of the season: champagne, crackers, secret Santa gifts and, thanks to @Original_Iced, some cocktails! Last week a parcel from @Original_Iced arrived at … Continue reading

Igniting my desire to write

 I devoured this book. Or rather the book devoured me. It climbed into my head. The people and the places took over my soul. The characters became my dearest friends. This novel served as a palpable source of inspiration; fueling … Continue reading