A Contradictory Life

I wrote a poem on Instagram. Sort of.

View this post on Instagram Not fighting the current, just Floating here, remembering my spirit there. A post shared by Tamzin Nel (@femmegypsy) on Jan 28, 2015 at 4:26am PST Not fighting the current, just Floating here, remembering my spirit … Continue reading

A town shrouded in mist and mystery, built on a valley of hope

Nestled between intriguing rock outcrops and with feral horses – descendants from the British forces – roaming free, lies the town of Kaapschehoop shrouded in mist and mystery. In 1882, at around the same time people were settling into Pilgrim’s … Continue reading

I work at an Auction House?

On Saturday Anchor Capital (where I work) co-sponsored a cattle auction and I was asked to write something to introduce our business, tied in with an auction theme, that we could have printed on flyers and incorporate into the information … Continue reading


I am frustrated because people keep asking me why I am so quiet. I am frustrated because I have been moody and irritable. I am frustrated because my only desire right now is sleep. I am frustrated because I am … Continue reading

His name is title enough: Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

This post, and more importantly the man himself, needs no introduction. South Africa and the world is mourning for the loss of our beloved Tata Madiba. His death came as no surprise; he had been ill for a long time … Continue reading

NaNoWriMo. Or, challenge accepted!

Day 1/30 Words 0/50 000 Plot: none Characters: none Title: none Ideas: none Yesterday, Samantha Perry sent out a tweet and this is what happened next: That’s right, in literally less than two minutes I had managed to sign myself up for the … Continue reading