A Contradictory Life

Three money memories

This article was first published here. I have previously written about the enthusiasm and energy which encapsulates our passion at Anchor and how this enthusiasm has led to a constant evolving of the company. I spoke about the people that constitute … Continue reading

Finding the order in disorder

One year ago I attended a Flux Trends talk which I found absolutely fascinating and thought I should share with you all (before I attend the next one tomorrow – better late than never). The State We’re In provides a comprehensive snapshot … Continue reading


I have always loved journaling and in the past couple of years have spent some time putting effort into trying to consistently meditate. I use the word “effort” because I really do find it almost impossible to quite my mind. But, I … Continue reading

Something in the nothing

And, the same can be said of Life. I have been going to a few Yin Yoga classes lately. At first I went because it sounded delicious for someone whose legs, hips and back is always stiff and sore. Yin … Continue reading

Making the best of insurance

I finally published a post on why I drove an old car. In it I mentioned insurance and how the expense can drastically add up over a couple of years into quite a meaningful number. Insurance is a gripe payment … Continue reading

Why I drove an old car

Up until very recently I was driving a twenty-four year old Mazda 626 and I have had a draft post on the “why” for months, probably even more than a year, sitting in my dashboard. Besides the fact that I … Continue reading

Well, hi there

It’s been a while… I have so many thoughts that need to be typed out, so many draft posts, so many ideas milling around my head but I feel like I first need to ease back into this blogging thing. … Continue reading

Does it count if it didn’t feel like sacrifice?

I went to an Anglican school; we had a chapel service every Thursday morning, opened assemblies with prayer and hymns, and on Shrove Tuesday the pancake truck came! Armed with a handful of R2 coins from our parents we would … Continue reading

Compassionate consumption

I have a massive problem with our excessive consumerist culture (some irony: at work I am the consumer and luxury goods analyst). I honestly believe that there is not enough capacity on Earth to support our current “standard of living”. We … Continue reading

The Parable of the Mexican Fisherman

My friend, Tam, told me a story the other night: The Parable of the Mexican Fisherman An American tourist was at the pier of a small coastal Mexican village when a small boat with just one fisherman docked. Inside the … Continue reading

Why do people keep having children?

Last week Tuesday I listened to a podcast by Freakonomics called “Why do people keep having children?” (number 11 on this list) which I found incredibly interesting. The first baby I met: my sister, 23 years ago. Biological imperative apart, … Continue reading

A story about Geoffrey the Giraffe

I realised tonight that I never told the story about Geoffrey the Giraffe. It is not a monumental, revolutionary, very interesting or life-changing one but it is (I think) a sweet story. We were all tired towards the end of … Continue reading

Meaning Motion

I have been taking part in an Instagram challenge this month (read all about it, and the purpose of these kinds of challenges, here). The challenge was created and is being hosted by Gaelyn from A New Weigh and Kerri … Continue reading

Hydro health and other travel dreams!

I wrote what is still one of my favourite posts on this blog two years ago… An excerpt from ‘A Cycle Trilogy‘; I have been thinking about life and all its nuances lately. I have explored this inner tension concerning being … Continue reading


I bought #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso immediately on Talya Goldberg‘s recommendation a few weeks ago and could not wait to curl up with it and read something that would motivate and inspire! I even had my pens and notebook ready so … Continue reading

Sometimes I forget I am only twenty-four years old

A few people have reminded me, especially after this post, that I am only twenty-four years old. In other words; I am accomplished given my age, that I still have time to do more and that I need to put … Continue reading

Hello Joburg! Thank you for the Pampering :)

You might have seen on Twitter / Instagram that I attended a lady bloggers pamper day hosted by Hello Joburg in conjunction with Tsogo Sun on Saturday. I was, and am, so grateful to have been invited along with some … Continue reading

I failed. I am devastated.

The results of the the Level III CFA Exams were released yesterday. I was working from home on my computer when the little email notification box popped up in the bottom right corner of my screen, “Your CFA Exam Result” … Continue reading

Every Rand counts! #OneRandMan

Sanlam ran a fascinating social experiment during July – National Savings Month – with which I am absolutely obsessed. View this post on Instagram No amount of R1 coins can top this view. #latergram A post shared by Sanlam Group (@sanlam_group) on … Continue reading

The sustainability of health and wealth

A few months ago Anchor Capital (where I work) co-sponsored a cattle auction and I was asked to write something to introduce our business, tied in with an auction theme, that we could have printed on flyers and incorporate into … Continue reading

A town shrouded in mist and mystery, built on a valley of hope

Nestled between intriguing rock outcrops and with feral horses – descendants from the British forces – roaming free, lies the town of Kaapschehoop shrouded in mist and mystery. In 1882, at around the same time people were settling into Pilgrim’s … Continue reading

A physical manifestation of anxiety

A friend of mine experienced the sensation of anxiety for the first time this year (we are 24 years old) and she understands only now why it was always so impossible for her to comprehend this emotion with which I … Continue reading

Yoga is both challenging and forgiving

I am still trying to heal from one of the worst flus I have had in years so this weekend, I rolled out my yoga mat for the first time in over two weeks and I could not even reach … Continue reading

I can’t tell my younger self anything but maybe I can remind my current self

My friend Lala, and also the incredibly lovely and passionate founder of the Plus Size is Me brand in South Africa, tagged me in a Facebook post yesterday in which she asked this question: If you could write a note … Continue reading

Behavioural finance models to challenge notions of efficiency [[ Part IV ]]

Part I of this Behavioural Finance educational series introduced the differences between Traditional Finance and Behavioural Finance. Traditional Finance is based on principles of neoclassical economics and is prescriptive in nature; consisting of theories and models which explain how investors … Continue reading

Three things to take from yoga practice into everyday life

I managed to make the 5 pm yoga class at gym the other night as I have taken a few days off work to study and I might have to leave work early every Tuesday from now on to make … Continue reading

If I won the lotto and smart money habits

We have all played this game before: what would you buy if you won the lotto? I am not much of a gambler – there is that (not so) famous story of the time Ali, Olivia and I frequented the … Continue reading

An economic measure of happiness [[ Part III ]]

In the first part of this Behavioural Finance educational series I covered the differences between Traditional Finance and Behavioural Finance. In the second part I introduced the concept of Bounded Rationality as a theory because whilst observing, with an end goal … Continue reading

Full of goodness gluten and sugar-free banana oat muffins

I read this post on one of my favourite blogs last year April and made these muffins that night! I ate them religiously for the next few weeks as everyone knows that when you’re studying constant sustenance is compulsory 😉 … Continue reading

Your life is luxurious

If you can eat three meals a day for three weeks you are in the top 15% wealth bracket. Globally. That’s right; if you can eat three meals a day for three weeks straight, you are rich. Picture source I am … Continue reading

Three things about light in darkness and mornings

Mornings are rushed for most. I know they are for me. Normally I am awake long before the sun even rises so this morning I relished the sun shimmering through my curtains as I opened my eyes and then enjoyed … Continue reading

Synchronicity of minds

I wanted to become a social worker, war correspondent or a psychologist. I work in the world of investment management as an analyst and a portfolio manager for high net worth individuals. As I have said before, the tagline of my … Continue reading

Perfect information as a challenge to rationality [[ Part II ]]

Last month, I explained that  Traditional Finance is based on principles of neoclassical economics and is prescriptive; consisting of theories and models which explain how investors should behave. Behavioural Finance, on the other hand, is descriptive in nature; and it … Continue reading

Health in perspective and a love note to my body

I clicked on a link yesterday morning – Lifelines: The quest for global health – expecting another article detailing “these are the foods you should be eating” or “these are the exercises you should be doing” but instead I read about how Lifelines is … Continue reading

Body Symmetry: 18 x more effective than gym!

Hi! I did 20 minutes of exercise last Monday and was still STILL stiff at the weekend. Yes, an entire week. Wednesday (the second day after exercise which is well-known as the worst day) was, well uh…the worst. I was … Continue reading

Behavioural Finance because investors are not rational [[ Part I ]]

Traditional Finance assumes people are rational. The reason I studied Investment Management (and the reason I am going to do a degree in Psychology when I have finished with the CFA Exams) is answered with one question: have you ever … Continue reading


I am frustrated because people keep asking me why I am so quiet. I am frustrated because I have been moody and irritable. I am frustrated because my only desire right now is sleep. I am frustrated because I am … Continue reading

Sleep can be too much of a good thing

Robin Sharma has said that people who join what he has coined the “5 am club” rule the world. I am back to my 4 am waking routine after a few weeks of sleeping “in” – hello new year/studying/gym/crazy work … Continue reading

Three things I cooked this week on a minimum budget

Wes and I have officially moved in together and could honestly not be more excited about it. We have had so much fun this past week but it has also been so much work, I have honestly never in my … Continue reading

Short spontaneous sojourns

I am a big believer in sprinkling short spontaneous sojourns (ok, I’ll stop with the alliteration – or sibilance more specifically) throughout the year for mental, physical and emotional rejuvenation. Dan Ariely, a professor of psychology and behavioural economics and someone … Continue reading