A Contradictory Life

TA takes London (& Dubai) to visit K!

Let me explain the title of this post. I met Olivia and Ali during orientation week at Tuks. We all met so many people that week but we stayed friends throughout varsity and have been since. We had big dreams; … Continue reading

My first completely vegan menu for (easy!) entertaining

I hosted the first book club of the year yesterday and it was such a great day and everyone loved the food! Spending time with the girls is always the best, obviously, but the food part was especially important to me … Continue reading

Warm up the house!

I was doing some research to write about the history and traditions (we all know how much I love these two topics!) of housewarmings but then I found this great infographic here and it sums up everything I had jotted done … Continue reading

Bastille day jol

Saturday we joined 15 000 people to watch the English rock band Bastille at Emmarentia Dam. It was phenomenal! If you have not heard their music yet, go now. I am not exactly a music critic or expert but absolutely … Continue reading

2013 in reverse and moments in between

I have seen a few Flipagram compilations on Instagram over the last few days and thought this would be the perfect way to sum up my last post of the year. 2013 in reverse and moments in between [[ Creating new traditions, … Continue reading

Book club: Booze > Books [[Also, first giveaway! ]]

Saturday was our last book club of the year and of course it was Christmas themed which meant it involved the best of the season: champagne, crackers, secret Santa gifts and, thanks to @Original_Iced, some cocktails! Last week a parcel from @Original_Iced arrived at … Continue reading

Three things but one main thing – start every day like it’s your birthday!

Yesterday was my twenty-fourth birthday and I am very enthusiastic about birthdays! Every single year I am so incredibly overwhelmed by the spoiling, love and enthusiasm and this year was no different. My ma basically gave me everything we need for our … Continue reading

I found my wedding venue! & special friends’ birthday celebrations

For friendship is the breathing rose, with sweets in every fold. – Oliver Wendell Holmes Before the title of this post slightly freaks out the boyfriend, friends and ma; no I am not engaged and no plans to wed just … Continue reading

Time to dance!

Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom. – George Smith Patton A few months ago I wrote a post about a very depressing email I received but yesterday I am proud to announce an email of an entirely … Continue reading

(Wo)Men in Black and the prejudice of physical appearance

Dressed for success. – Roxette On Sunday night a few of my girlfriends and I watched Roxette LIVE in concert at the Coca-Cola Dome. The last time this Swedish band was in South Africa was seventeen years ago when they played at Ellis Park. We … Continue reading