A Contradictory Life


 Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You. – Dr. Seuss

The short and sweet version: Corporate by qualification. Hippy at heart.. Mountain Biker. Yogi. Thinker. Reader. Writer. All about sustainability, impact & behaviour!

The reason I started this blog is best explained in the first post I wrote.

I am an inquisitive person and writing, reading and constantly learning has always been a passion of mine. In this way I am definitely in a suitable career; the world of investments and asset management is constantly evolving and the companies and markets we analyse are vastly different and driven by different fundamentals. I learn something new every single day.  I have a Bcom degree in Investment Management and am a CFA Charterholder.

I have always had a keen interest in psychology and people (again, I am so lucky to work with people on a daily basis) and would love to become involved in the evolving niche of behavioural economics. I am also fascinated by cognitive psychology as well as mindfulness therapy.

I hope to tread lightly on this beautiful planet of ours and look for sustainability in all the I produce or consume. I have ideas about how this will also translate into my career and have started embarking on a major study of impact investing and financial literacy.

For me reading is an escape, an adventure and a growing process of maturing my beliefs, thoughts and perceptions about this world and specifically how people live.

My boyfriend, Wes, and I cycle (both off and on road). We are out cycling every single weekend, enjoy breaks away to find new trails and run a #TrustedMtbTrails information information centre as well as holistic health and how to blog.

I am an exceptionally passionate, loyal and dedicated person. Acquiring new skills and being rewarded for hard work, efficiency and flexibility are important to me as a person and I have learnt a great deal about all these factors; being wholly independent since I was 17 years old. Working with pride is essential in everything that I do and I have a strong inherent sense of integrity.

I document my life experiences on this blog and share things that I find stimulating. Of course anyone who owns a blog is also quite active on all the other social networks! View the Find femmegypsy page.

Please share your thoughts with me in the ‘comments’ section below my posts. As I have said I love people and learning and would love to interact with you!