A Contradictory Life

TA takes London (& Dubai) to visit K!


I think London’s sexy because it’s so full of eccentrics. - Rachel Weisz

Let me explain the title of this post. I met Olivia and Ali during orientation week at Tuks. We all met so many people that week but we stayed friends throughout varsity and have been since. We had big dreams; besides the fact that we were going to retire by the age of 30 and live the yacht life we were going to own our own investment company called TOA (Tamzin, Olivia and Ali). We had designed our head office and we were each going to have our own wing which would reflect our different personalities and styles. You can see some embarassing photos of us during a trip we took to Sun City in first year here. Anyway, later we became friends with Katherine who also did a BCom in Investment Management and there were talks that TOA would become TOAK. Katherine moved to London in December (she is super smart and is working some super fancy job there – so proud!) and we have obviously been dying to visit her since.

Ali, Olivia and Kath

This is us at my Faeries & Elves 21st in 2010

And now it is happening – we are off in September! (Except Olivia is going to Croatia in August already but we are working on her FOMO and might still be able to convince her to join us – maybe this post will do the trick?).

It all started with a tweet less than a week ago…

Flights have been booked and paid for and our UK Visa interviews are on Thursday so the MOST spontaneous trip of my life is now very real.

After two days and nights in Dubai (post to follow…) we arrive in London on Sunday 20th September at lunch time and then fly back home the next Saturday at 5 pm so we only have five full and two half days there. I was last in London when I was 10 years old for a day and Ali has never been so we obviously want to do and see as much as possible! I have been googling furiously and this is my “to do” list whilst there:

What else have I missed? I AM SO EXCITED!!!

I have been pinning some awesome blog posts with some great ideas and tips on my Places Pinterest board.