A Contradictory Life

Well, hi there


Beware the barrenness of a busy life. - Socrates

It’s been a while… I have so many thoughts that need to be typed out, so many draft posts, so many ideas milling around my head but I feel like I first need to ease back into this blogging thing. I hope I can come back here regularly again. It is my favourite thing after all.

Read the quotation at the top! (Yes, I know Socrates probably did not say this but I love it still).

Where should this little catch up begin? Let’s start with today.

Today was a good day and for the first time in weeks, probably months, I felt like I could really spend my time doing what I want to do, you know?

After some very gentle yoga this morning, as I am still trying to fight off a cold, I enjoyed some rye toast with hummus and cucumber and hot lemon water in bed whilst Pinning – ah, Pinterest, you beautiful thing you. My sister and I then went shopping for my ma’s birthday and for Father’s Day and then watched “The Age of Adaline” (go watch this movie, we loved it) with a large Coke and popcorn, each. I spent the afternoon doing a spontaneous spring clean. It feels so good to not be surrounded by so much clutter and built up paperwork. I really let things get messy around me the last few weeks. Also, how is it that every few weeks I empty my cupboard to donate clothes and I still have things I don’t wear?

As always, when I am most relaxed I love to cook and so we had the most delicious dinner! The photo does it no justice…

What else? I am still a vegan (and no, I do not miss eating meat or cheese), I am still completely in love with yoga, I have been studying, we enjoyed a short break away for a change of scenery and I have done no more than 10 km on my bike in the last couple of months. I cannot wait to regain my fitness and do some exploring again!

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Because sometimes your yoga practice needs to be fierce. Because sometimes your love needs to be fierce. Because sometimes your thoughts need to be fierce. Because sometimes your actions need to be fierce. Because sometimes your words need to be fierce. Because sometimes your breath needs to be fierce. Because sometimes your goals need to be fierce. Because sometimes your negotiating needs to be fierce. Because sometimes your emotions need to be fierce. Because sometimes your anger needs to be fierce. Because sometimes your focus needs to be fierce. Because sometimes you need to be fierce. #yogaeverydamnday #poweryoga #befierce #yogini #iloveyoga #yogaforeverything #fierceyoga #findyourfreedom #hippie #gypsy #freespirit #malabeads #Japamalabeads

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Walking out of my yoga class I was struck by the words that have been imprinted into these cement steps at the studio. 21 years ago we thought Peace would envelope our beautiful nation – in the wake of the recent xenophobic attacks and every day violent horrors – it is evident that it has not. We thought there would be more balance and equality for all – our president spent millions of our Rands on Nkandla and other examples are endless – and so there is none. What we do have though is a dreaming nation. We are always (mostly, rather) optimistic. But, there is no point in dreaming if we do not work towards those dreams. None. We say we love the diversity of our nation but we are not yet free in this diversity. In yoga we embrace all the good words; happiness, belief, play, rest and calm etc but also need to practice often to truly be free and strong in mind, body and soul. This is true for our country too. Whilst embracing our beauty and differences, we need to practise to be strong and free in them too. Practice is not easy and it does not make perfect but it sure does make better. #thismademoresenseinmyhead #FreedomDay #FreedomWeek #RSA #democracy #yogaeverydamnday #lifelessonsfromyoga #yogalifelessons #yogawisdom #yogatruth #design #interiordesign #yogarepublic

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This is a bit rambly, but it feels good. So good. And as I am typing I just want to keep typing, complete all the unfinished draft posts I have. But, I need to rest this sick body of mine. So, it is time for our night time tea, my lavender essentials oil is already burning and some gentle yoga stretching before bed. I adore having a little night time ritual…do you have one?

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What have you been up to? What have I missed? Send some interesting stories and links my way, it is time to indulge in the written word again 🙂