A Contradictory Life

Missing Mozambique


Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living. – Miriam Beard

I wrote this on a day that I had severe wanderlust for the friendly people, delicious food, wide open spaces, beauty and tranquility of Mozambique.

The perfect way to explain this place? After a six hour sleep on New Year’s eve we drove the ten hours back from the South Coast. We stopped quickly at home to drop off a few things and then we were off to Olivia. We left at midnight. After another sixteen hours on the road and still no sleep we arrived at her home where we would be staying. After less than twenty minutes the rejuvenated energy evident in every body who had been irritable moments before was contagious. We all felt like we had been there a week already…

I miss it.

I miss morning walks on the beach…

I miss coming back to drink rooibos tea on the deck with this view…

I miss reading, drinking coconut water (from an actual coconut), swimming, Blaukarting and afternoon naps.

I miss afternoons on the deck; playing games and drinking G ‘n Ts.

I miss authentic, flavoursome and delicious food with fantastic, happy and genuine people.

I miss that day Wes and I had a spontaneous date.

I miss snorkeling. Man, I miss snorkeling.

I miss swimming with a whale shark but I don’t miss being sea-sick.

I miss playing volleyball every single evening at sunset.

I miss laughing.

I miss this place.


But, it is more than that I miss…

“Daily life for the average Mozambican is tough… Despite all their hardship, the Mozambican people come across (even in photographs) as being open, friendly, happy people who have a lot of artistic talent and ingenuity (many running small informal businesses to support themselves)… they seem to carry themselves with dignity and grace.” – source

…and that is probably what I miss.