A Contradictory Life

I wrote a poem on Instagram. Sort of.

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Nobody is too busy, it's just a matter of priorities. - Unknown

Not fighting the current, just
Floating here, remembering my spirit there.

I don’t know if that even counts as a poem but anyway.

4 am – 6 am              Study

7 am – 5:30 pm        Work

6 pm – 8 pm             Exercise, eat and shower or take a detox bath to decompress

8 pm – 11 pm           Work

Ja, I am back to this schedule. We are all busy so this is not a post about how I am busier than you are. It is not a competition. It is a reality.

I have so many post outlines and ideas written in notebooks all over the place but it might be quiet here for a while. It might not be, this is my space to escape after all.

If you enjoy reading what I have to say, I do a lot of ‘micro-blogging’ over on Instgram.

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It's not always perfect but, it's love. 💙 @wez371

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Rachael | Woman of the Night A true story: "Margaret needs money, and fast, to get herself and her family through a tough time. At thirty-eight, she grits her teeth and takes the plunge into "the racket" – escorting – and so enters the shadowy world of sex for sale. It's a life of long, bruising nights, danger and tears; but also one in which she learns big lessons, shares laughter and peanut-butter sandwiches with "the girls", and encounters a multitude of men, good and bad – all described with insight and wicked humour. Margaret, aka "Rachael", gives readers an insider's view of a world often treated with scorn and misunderstanding. Her take on sex and life is explicit, honest, at times erotic and often downright funny. Shining through is her real compassion for women who, like herself, are forced to sell themselves to keep body and soul together." I have always been intrigued by this, as the blurb mentions, easily scorned industry. I detest strip clubs and the men (and woman) who think they can pay for sex or even just for a temporary girlfriend but I have so much compassion for the women who have to work in these industries and often not out of choice. #femmegypsyvirtualbookclub #virtualbookclub

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I want to be nomadic.

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