A Contradictory Life

Sometimes I forget I am only twenty-four years old


Do one thing today to make you feel proud of yourself. - Unknown

A few people have reminded me, especially after this post, that I am only twenty-four years old. In other words; I am accomplished given my age, that I still have time to do more and that I need to put less pressure on myself.

Note: If you are going to read this post as me “boasting” now is the time to click away and go read this instead. Actually, even if you are going to read this post – go read that one too. I just did and have been reminded that on the happiness scale I am pretty much up there and that my wishes on the balloon would look vastly different…

I am not writing this to brag or satisfy my “ego” but more as a reflective exercise.

Where have I remained focused and created a outcome as a result of dedicated and directed energy?

A few of these are reflected on my Lifelist which I absolutely loved compiling and updating.

  • Won the courtesy cup numerous times in junior school.
  • I had a poem and a short story published before the age of thirteen.
  • Matriculated with a couple of distinctions (whilst things were not so great at home).
  • I waitressed for three years during high school.
  • I won creative writing awards in high school.
  • I did a lot of promotional / brand management work throughout varsity.
  • Bought a car at the age of 21 – cash
  • I have a BCom degree in Investment Management
  • On the 10th of January next year I would have been working (besides waitressing / promos etc) for  four years already. I know people four years older than me that haven’t even started.
  • I am always there for others and am very supportive of everyone’s life goals / ambitions / projects.
  • (According to my friends) I always make them feel good / positive / energised.
  • I bought a house exactly a year ago (well, I signed the offer to purchase on the 1st of September)
  • I have passed Level I and II of the CFA exams.
  • I have responsibilities at work far greater than I could ever have imagined at this age.
  • My opinion is valued.
  • My work is valued.
  • I maintain a blog (sort of) which means I am cultivating my love of writing and sharing ideas.
  • I maintain and put a lot of energy into relationships of all kinds.
  • I keep my body fit and strong and fuel it with good food.

What do you dedicate and direct energy towards in your life? Write a list, study it and learn from it. Share it in the comments below or write your own post and link back. I would love to see.

 Instead of concentrating on what you have yet to do, a list of accomplishments helps you realise just how far you have already come and can be satisfying as well as motivating. 

As Ché from indieBerries said in this Instagram; “One thing you may not know about me: I absolutely DESPISE the hashtag #shamelessselfie- when EVER did taking a photo of yourself become shameful? YOU are a beautiful, wonderful being and you TAKE that photo of yourself if you WANNA!! ❤️#proudselfie #loveandlight”

The same thinking applies here: Be proud of yourself!