A Contradictory Life

Three things but one main thing – start every day like it’s your birthday!


And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. - Abraham Lincoln

Yesterday was my twenty-fourth birthday and I am very enthusiastic about birthdays! Every single year I am so incredibly overwhelmed by the spoiling, love and enthusiasm and this year was no different.

My ma basically gave me everything we need for our new flat and I mean everything (crockery, cutlery, a fridge, a microwave, a table, a couch, a biiiig jar filled with sweets – a little something I have always wanted, and and and…I did say everything didn’t I? She is moving in with her boyfriend and having all of her things in the flat with me will hopefully help me miss her less). Wes built me a retro road bike from scratch! He sourced parts from second-hand shops all over Jhb and built the entire thing, wow right?  Then when I thought things could not get any better, his family bought me a 1965 Olivetti Studio 44 vintage  typewriter. I burst into tears immediately and I still cannot believe this is real, my love for typewriters is well documented and since Wes fully restored it I can start writing on it immediately after things have settled down with the whole moving flat thing. Everyone at work had gluten-free cereal and brownies ready for me and they bought me my first real purse (it is so soft – girls will get this). I love it! Last night I went for dinner with my ma, her boyfriend, my ouma and Wes and if you haven’t yet, go and eat at Mozambik. I had the Cabo Delgado hake (again). Fish smothered in a green banana, mango, coriander shallot and coconut milk sauce served with a side of half coconut rice and half mixed grill veg is maybe the only way I ever want to eat fish. Tonight, Wes is taking me for ribs at Thundergun, we have been threatening to go there for years and I will be having all my friends over for birthday/house-warming celebrations soon as well!

So, all in all I am surprised more people didn’t unfollow me on Twitter because of all the birthday Instagrams I sent that way! I did restrain myself at dinner with my family and didn’t take any photos although I do regret this now…

I want to embrace the birthday buzz for as long as possible. Why should we not feel enthusiastic, special, loved, spoilt and grateful everyday?


I have seen a few posts lately along the lines of, “32 things from my 32nd year”“33 is the happiest age to be” and “24 things I know at (almost) 24” so here is my interpretation as I do like this idea of taking stock as you enter a new year of life.

I normally have “three things” posts but I had too much to say here so have grouped 24 thoughts on my 24th birthday into three groups.


  1. My heart sings at thoughtful presents.
  2. Sugar is a perfectly acceptable food group on birthdays.
  3. If you love your birthday, other people will love your birthday which mean you will love your birthday even more. A cycle of birthday love.
  4. I don’t understand birthday grumps.
  5. It is much easier to get up at 4 am on your birthday.
  6. Spoiling others on their birthdays with gifts that are completely them must be the greatest feeling.
  7. I dance and squeal when waiters sing to me in restaurants and bring me ice-cream with a sparkler on top.
  8. Start every day like it’s your birthday.


  1. Fascinating people travel.
  2. If you don’t respect someone’s time, you don’t respect them. It’s as simple as that.
  3. Friends can severely disappoint you and strangers can greatly encourage you. Such is life; contradictory in essence.
  4. At work I have learnt that people that are worth R1m are FAR more self-important/conceited/arrogant than people who are worth R20m-R1bn! (Obviously, this is a huge generalisation.)
  5. Some days when I see how people treat waiters, car guards, shop tellers and other people in general I want to become a hermit so that I am never be exposed to this ugliness.
  6. Everyone makes mistakes.
  7. People who have had to endure the most difficult times are normally the Angels on Earth that we should be grateful to know.
  8. To be content in life you do not need everyone to like you.


  1. I still want another tattoo. I thought I would wait to see if I would regret my last one I got at 18 but I don’t so am busy designing my next one which I will probably get when I turn 25.
  2. I will never really be ready to move out of home with my ma.
  3. You don’t have time, you make time.
  4. I really really dislike ice-baths. Wes has been forcing encouraging me to have them after our more intense races and they do do wonders for recovery but that does not mean I will enjoy them.
  5. I much prefer getting up early on weekends and spending my days mountain biking in breathtakingly beautiful places than waking up later hungover and groggy.
  6. I prefer words to numbers.
  7. I need to write more and give my blog far more attention.
  8. Live the life you want to live.

Does anyone else love birthdays as much as I do? Thoughts on the above that I have missed? There must be plenty!

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